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2023 Pickle4 Ballpark Series Heads to the Green Monster

Thursday, June 1st, 2023 Written by Megan Hall

Pickle4, a company who now owns the biggest pickleball tournament in the world, The US Open Championships, will present 12 temporary courts in the outfield of Fenway Park. Courts will be open from Thursday, July 13th to Sunday, July 16th and will feature a professional and amateur tournament along with court rentals and open play for fans.

Now, we didn't say you could play for free! To book a court for up to 10 people for 80 minutes will cost you $1500 per reservation. This will allow you access to other amenities such as live music, concessions and additional activities. Interested in booking a court? Go here. A cheaper way to potentially have the experience of playing pickleball at Fenway is to sign up for the Women's, Men's, or Mixed Doubles events which will be a double-elimination format. Cost of entries will be $150 and an additional $50 per event. Since this is such an iconic place to play and many people will want to participate, there will be a random drawing for tournament registration. Registration begins today and ends Wednesday, June 7th at 5pm. Register here.


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