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DUPR Presents College Exhibition and College National Championships

Friday, October 21, 2022

DUPR, Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, is helping college campuses across the country build programs and they are flashing scholarship money to do it.

Left to right: Hunter Boyd, Sarah Carpenter, Caitlin Lewis, & Collin Shick.

During the final and semi-final matches at Major League Pickleball in Columbus, Ohio four pickle players from Penn State and four players from the University of North Carolina competed in a college exhibition. All players were featured playing live on MLP's livestream to showcase college pickleball around the country. They even played a dream-breaker, with UNC ultimately winning the exhibition.

Big companies are taking notice of the growing popularity of pickleball in the world of higher education. Joola is a sponsor for Penn State University, providing paddles and some other equipment to continue the growth of their program. Both Gamma and Franklin are sponsors of University of North Carolina's program providing equipment, paddles and balls as well.

"There are big companies getting behind pickleball. We are sponsored by Gamma for paddles and Franklin for pickleballs and they are really helping us out a lot. I know they have individual programs where they help colleges be able to grow their pickleball program." said Hunter Boyd from UNC.

Left to right: Alex Guy, Amiya Jennings, Orla Appleton, Alex Toth.

DUPR is hosting the Collegiate National Championships from November 18th-20th in Dripping Springs, Texas for a chance to win $10,000 in scholarship funds. Eighteen teams consisting of two boys and two girls are participating in this MLP style format event. Eight teams from universities around the country have qualified for an all expenses paid trip to compete in the first ever Collegiate Championship presented by Gamma Sports. These colleges and universities are participating:

Stay tuned for more coverage on DUPR's Collegiate National Championships.


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