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New Pickleball Paddle Eliminates Tennis Elbow

Saturday, April 29, 2023

The company Grip6, primarily known for their American made belt, sock and wallet business expanded their manufacturing business into handcrafted pickleball paddles called Bird Pickleball. They have two paddles, the classic and the ergo. The company claims that the ergo paddle and its design relieves pressure on the wrist, elbow and arm due to its unique shape. The thought is having a bend in the tool as opposed to having to contort your body alleviates strain and lets the paddle do the work. Tennis elbow is a struggle for many people and can be debilitating and prevent them from doing the things they love or being active at all. If this ergo paddle in fact does help or alleviate the issue, we say it's worth the purchase.

They are discounted on pre-order right now for $159 (originally $199).

Happy pickling!


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