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APP Heads to Sweden for Pickleball

Friday, June 23, 2023

The APP has announced a new partnership with Pickleball Sweden, further expanding its support for pickleball worldwide.

As the first-ever pickleball organization to collaborate with Pickleball Sweden Club, the APP reinforces its commitment to fuel the global growth of the sport.

The partnership will be showcased at the 2023 GAMMA Sweden Open powered by The APP, taking place from September 22 to 24 in Helsingborg, Sweden. This event marks the second international collaboration for the APP in 2023, following the previously announced partnership with Pickleball England for the 2023 English Open in August.

The 2023 GAMMA Sweden Open powered by The APP, now in its third year, will feature a range of events and clinics throughout the tournament week. These will include singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions across various age groups accommodating players as young as 12 years old while offering open, intermediate, and advanced level brackets. With 22 courts spread across the Idrottens Hus and Teknikhallen facilities in Helsingborg, the competition expects a significant increase in participation, with over 250 players from across Europe anticipated to take part.

Ken Herrmann, the Founder of the APP, expressed his pride in adding Pickleball Sweden to their roster of international partners. He emphasized the APP's dedication to fostering pickleball's growth across the USA and globally, stating that supporting the increasing demand for the sport in Europe is crucial for its ongoing expansion.

Gustaf Geterud, Head of Ambassadorships at GAMMA Sweden, echoed the excitement, highlighting the partnership's aim to enhance the annual event and create a world-class environment for all participants. Geterud also emphasized the opportunity for European players to experience the essence of pickleball in its home country and learn from the APP's expertise in taking the sport's development to the next level.

Registration for the 2023 GAMMA Sweden Open powered by The APP will open from June 25 to September 10 on, providing players and enthusiasts with a chance to be part of this exciting tournament.


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