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Pickleball's Popularity Causes a Battle for Courts in Carlisle

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

In a small borough in Pennsylvania, pickleball players were up against the wall. Limited facilities meant that courts were always full, and players had to improvise ways to play when tennis courts were free. However, things are looking up for the pickleball players of Carlisle. The Carlisle Area Pickleball Association has secured funds to convert a current tennis court at LeTort Park into four permanent pickleball courts.

The pickleball community’s concerns were brought up during a meeting that resulted in the Carlisle Borough Council approving the project. Currently, the facility at LeTort Park has two permanent pickleball courts and one tennis court that doubles as a temporary pickleball court. The proposed addition would create more space for the players, which was a long-awaited change.

Photos taken by Madie Seiler at LeTort Park in Carlisle, PA.

The issue with tennis courts is that they have painted lines that intersect with the existing lines for pickleball. Players had to improvise and use the existing lines, causing confusion and accidental interference with other courts. With the new dedicated pickleball courts, players can have more enjoyable games without the worry of paint lines over paint lines.

According to Jackie Powell, the acting president of Carlisle Area Pickleball Association, conversation for the project started last summer. She shared that the project would cost somewhere between $5,000 to $7,000 and was made possible through donations from local pickleball enthusiasts.

Jackie Powell, president of Carlisle Area Pickleball Association. Photo by: Madie Seiler

The next step for the pickleball association is to resurface the new courts. The project's progress may be dependent on the weather, but Powell hopes to have it completed by the end of summer. Once finished, players would have four permanent courts to enjoy, easing the tension in the tight pickleball court supply in Carlisle.

It's exciting to see communities invest in sports facilities and offer more opportunities for players to participate in sports that they love. This project shows that the growing appeal of pickleball has led to more support from the public and local government. Here's hoping for more pickleball developments in the future!


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