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Plans Revealed for Pickleball Courts at San Marcos Restaurant Row

Monday, July 10, 2023

Plans Revealed for Park at San Marcos Restaurant Row, Embracing the Rise of Pickleball.

Calling all pickleball enthusiasts in San Diego! The plans for the new park at San Marcos Restaurant Row have been unveiled, showcasing an incredible space that celebrates the growing popularity of this beloved sport. Pickleball and a skate park were voted as the top two most desired amenities, as the park is set to become a vibrant hub for outdoor activities.

Rendering courtesy of Lennar Homes

Pickleball enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that the park will feature dedicated pickleball courts, highlighting the increasing demand and love for the sport. This exciting addition reflects the nationwide trend of pickleball's exponential growth, as more and more individuals of all ages are drawn to its easy-to-learn, energetic gameplay.

The park, expected to open its doors in summer 2023, will be a haven for pickleball lovers in San Marcos Restaurant Row Park and beyond.

Rendering courtesy of Lennar Homes

Beyond pickleball, the park at San Marcos Restaurant Row offers a plethora of attractions, ensuring there is something for everyone. From skating rinks to playgrounds and open green spaces, visitors will find an array of activities to enjoy.

As pickleball continues to gain momentum, it's wonderful to witness the growth of dedicated spaces like the park at San Marcos Restaurant Row. This development signifies the ever-expanding reach of pickleball all over the country. The future looks bright for pickleball enthusiasts in San Marcos and beyond, as more communities embrace this sport and create spaces that celebrate its incredible spirit.

With the park at San Marcos Restaurant Row opening soon, pickleball enthusiasts have yet another reason to celebrate the sport they love. So grab your paddle, gather your friends, and get ready to experience pickleball in this wonderful new park.

Rendering courtesy of Lennar Homes


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