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PICKLEBOWL, the Charity Event Bringing PPA, APP, MLP and All of Pickleball Together

Monday, October 24, 2022

Picklebowl 2022 Charity Tournament Event Presented by Selkirk and Powered by DUPR Pickleball professionals playing with celebrities and former pro athletes from their alma maters all for a great cause? Yes, please!

Current Senior Pro pickleball professional and former head of global equity trading for Goldman Sachs, Brian Levine joined forces with Danny Wuerffel, former college and professional football player, winner of the Heisman Trophy and current Executive Director for Desire Street Ministries, organize the biggest pickleball charity event in history.

Desire Street Ministries is a non-profit organization that "supports under-resourced neighborhood leaders to positively influence their communities through leadership training, economic development, spiritual and educational resources." Desire Street Minisitries.

“We believe that our job is to build relationships, create opportunities and coach leaders who are taking the initiative to transform their communities.” - Danny Wuerffel

Not only are many of the top pickleball professionals playing in this event but they are paired with celebrities and former professional athletes all representing their alma maters.

If you are familiar with the very competitive landscape of pickleball, few things can bring the biggest names and organizations in pickleball together, but the Picklebowl has done just that. This event will be live-streamed from SelkirkTV, PPA, APPTV, and MLP. It's refreshing to see pickleball coming together for a greater human cause, to help those in need.

Twelve doubles teams who include:

Pickleball Professional



Chuck Taylor

Casey Patterson

Brigham Young University

Kyle Yates

Danny Wuerrfel

University of Florida

Ryan Sherry

Brandon Siler

University of Florida

Dan Granot

Phillip Phillips

University of Georgia

Lew Halski

Matt Stinchcomb

University of Georgia

Megan Fudge

Kevin Anderson

University of Illinois

Anna Leigh Waters

Danny Duncan

Pickleball University

Matt Manasse

Drew Brees

Purdue University

Parris Todd

Rick Barry

Selkirk University

Leigh Waters

Connor Shaw

University of South Carolina

Cierra Gaytan-Leach

Sherri Steinhauer

University of Texas

Wes Burrows

Doug Ellin

Tulane University

This event will be held in Sea Island, Georgia on Wednesday, October 26th. Live coverage starts from 3:00-7:00PM ET. Stay tuned for the biggest event in pickleball.

This event is a fundraiser so if you feel so inclined to help a great cause, donate here.

Check back in with us as we will be providing interviews and updates of the tournament on our social media platforms.


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