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Pickleball Goes to Bali, Indonesia

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Pickleball Global put on the World Pickleball Championship in Bali, Indonesia where close to 900 players registered proving that pickleball is making a big splash in America and throughout the world, as well.

The World Pickleball Championships held at Liga Tennis Center in Bali is a tennis facility that transformed into 18 indoor pickleball courts along with 4 outdoor courts.

This is the third international tour stop in 2022 for Pickleball Global as they held the Asia Open in Phuket, Thailand in April and the European Open in Rota, Spain in July. At each of these tour stops there are individual events singles, gender doubles, and mixed doubles as well as a team event divided by countries.

Team India Bali 2022

"There is a sense of pride when players are competing as a team for their country. Team Singapore won the International team event competing against 13 other countries." -Scott Golden Professional Commentator

Pickleball is often dubbed as the fastest growing sport in America, but as we see more tournaments popping up in every continent we cannot forget the exponential growth the sport has received throughout the world. From the US all the way to Australia and everywhere in between people are catching the bug of pickleball. Have you?

Above, Sarah Burr from Australia wins the gold medal for the Women's Singles Open Division. Snehal Patil from India takes silver and Jou Yu Ko from Taiwan takes bronze, respectively.

Jan David, CEO of Pickleball Global along with promising young talent from India, Aditya Ruhela who swept all pro events.


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